Yale Physics alumni start peer mentoring program for 1st year graduate students

July 27, 2020

SU(5) is a peer support and mentorship program for first year graduate students in physics and astronomy. For many students, the transition from undergraduate to graduate school can be difficult, as students balance TA responsibilities, classes, and research. Our goal is to make this transition easier. We hope to foster connections and community that go beyond this program and follow our students as they make their journey into academia.

We are free and open to all students. We especially encourage underrepresented students to apply. PhD, Master’s, and post-baccalaureate students are all welcome. Interested students can sign up at https://www.su5.group/join/. The deadline is Aug. 31st, 2020.

SU(5) is organized by and for graduate students. Three of the six founders of SU(5) are Yale Physics alumni, and a fourth is a current Yale Physics graduate student. Our founders and current leadership team are:

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