May 2017
Events tagged: science[x]

May 2, 2017
12:00pm Weak Interaction Discussion Group (WIDG) Seminar: David Caratelli, Columbia University, "The MicroBooNE Neutrino Experiment"
2:30pm YCAA Seminar: "Exploring the fossil record of cluster assembly: the intra-cluster light", Mireia Montes Quiles, Yale University
3:30pm Particle theory seminar: Kurt Hinterbichler (Case Western) "Massive and Partially Massless Gravity"
May 3, 2017
1:00pm Dissertation Defense: Stephen Horvat, Yale University, "Measurement of the collision energy dependence of jet-quenching signatures of de-confinement at STAR"
May 4, 2017
9:00am Dissertation Defense: Jacob Blumoff, Yale University, "Multiqubit experiments in 3D circuit quantum electrodynamics"
1:00pm Condensed Matter Seminar: Sagar Vijay, MIT - "Fracton Topological Orders"
1:00pm Nuclear Particle Astrophysics (NPA) Seminar: Marco Battaglieri, Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Italy, "BDX: light dark matter search in a Beam Dump eXperiment"
3:30pm Particle Theory Seminar: Lasha Berezhiani (Princeton) "Superfluid Dark Matter"
May 9, 2017
12:00pm Weak Interaction Discussion Group (WIDG) Seminar: Emily Grace, Royal Holloway University of London, "Calculations and Measurement of the Rayleigh Scattering Length of the Scintillation Light in Liquid"
12:45pm Special Biophysics Colloquium: Leonid A. Mirny, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Physics of genome folding"
May 11, 2017
1:00pm Nuclear Particle Astrophysics (NPA) Seminar: Abhay Deshpande, Stonybrook University, "The Science and Status of the Electron Ion Collider: Understanding the Glue That Binds Us All"
May 12, 2017
11:00am Special AMO Seminar: Laure Mercier, Institut NEEL CNRS/UGA, "Multimode nanomechanics in conservative and non-conservative force fields"
1:00pm YQI Colloquium - Michal Lipson, Columbia University, "Graphene for next generation silicon photonics"
May 15, 2017
10:00am Dissertation Defense: Evan Pease, Yale University, "Rare-event searches in liquid xenon with the LUX and LUX-ZEPLIN detectors"
May 16, 2017
3:00pm Wright Lab Transformed
May 18, 2017
1:00pm Nuclear Particle Astrophysics (NPA) Seminar: Martina Gerbino, Stockholm University, "Neutrino Mass from Cosmology"
1:00pm Condensed Matter Seminar: Yi-Zhuang You, Harvard - "Topological Phase Transitions: From Duality Web to Symmetric Mass Generation"
May 19, 2017
1:00pm Special AMO Seminar: Nick Brewer, University of Wisconsin, "Rabi Flopping on a Magnetic Dipole Transition at Optical Frequencies"
May 23, 2017
11:00am YQI Colloquium - Angel Rivas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, "Topological Quantum Heat Transport and Dissipative Symmetry-Protection"
12:00pm Weak Interaction Discussion Group (WIDG) Seminar: Fran├žois Aubin, University of Minnesota, "Measuring the polarization of the cosmic microwave background to probe inflation"
May 24, 2017
10:00am YQI Colloquium - Murphy Yuezhen Niu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Three-wave-mixing Hamiltonian based quantum algorithm, quantum computation and error correcting code"
May 25, 2017
1:00pm Nuclear Particle Astrophysics (NPA) Seminar: Philip Ilten, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, "Probing QCD with Heavy Flavor Jets"
1:00pm Condensed Matter Seminar: Junwei Liu, MIT - "Topological Phases in Transition Metal Chalcogenides"